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Residential Water Well and Well Pump Services

Working on residential water wells is where our company shines. We pride ourselves on providing complete turn-key well drilling and maintenance services to people from Southwestern Pennsylvania. From drilling new wells, repairing old ones, or something in between – we’ve got you covered!

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The Design and Building Process From Start To Finish

A properly designed and constructed groundwater system will continue to produce enough high-quality water to support your use case for years to come. It’s our mission to provide you with a system that will meet your needs and consistently keep the water flowing right.
The technical aspects that ensure you get a high-quality water system:

  • Proper well design and construction
  • Test drilling in order to find water-bearing ground
  • Formation analysis to select the right size for your well screen
  • Test plumbing in order to properly size your system
Benefits of having Hydro-tech Drilling and Water Systems design and build your system:

  • A sustainable and reliable water supply of the right quantity and quality
  • Water that is free of any contaminants and sediments
  • A long-lasting well that requires as little maintenance as possible
  • The ability to monitor the performance of your well with ease
  • On-call maintenance and support in case something goes wrong
After we drill the well and the equipment is in place, we will complete all the procedures necessary before the well is in use.

  • Installing the casing and pump system
  • Disinfecting the well
  • Conducting a yield test

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Residential Water Well Services We Offer


Well Drilling

We will handle all aspects of residential well drilling from getting permits, finding water, drilling the well, and others.

Well Inspections

If your water well is not functioning properly we will come to your property and diagnose the problem.

Water Well Pumps

We will help you choose the right pump for your system, install, maintain and repair it if needed.

Well Cleaning

It’s necessary to clean water wells from time to time to ensure they are operating properly.

Water Well Drilling

Hydro-tech Drilling and Water Systems can handle all aspects of well drilling for residential wells. With access to multiple types of equipment, we have the tools and knowledge to fit any type of well and water use.

Our goal is to make it easy for you by being the only contractor you need to deal with throughout the entire process. We will take care of permitting, finding water, drilling the well, installing the casing and pump system, testing the water, and making sure it’s purified and conditioned for your use.

To have us plan out the entire project based on the specific needs of your application, give us a call at (724) 350-2649 or fill out the form below so we can schedule a time to meet and talk through what you’re looking for.

Water Well Inspections, Troubleshooting, and Repair

Is your water well not functioning properly? Water wells seem simple from the outside, but once you get into all the parts and pieces that must be functioning perfectly to keep the water flowing you realize that it can be quite complicated. When one part of the water system fails, the whole thing stops working. It can be a daunting task trying to figure out exactly what part is broken and how to fix it.

Our team of experts has years of experience in diagnosing and solving problems that stop a water well from functioning properly. We know how important water is and our goal is to get your water supply up and running as fast as we can.

We will use every tool we have to figure out what the issue is and we will take the steps required to provide the well repair that will fix the issue. Reach out to us to get more information about water well repair services.

Well Cleaning and Repairs

If you own a private water well, it’s your duty to maintain your water supply. Cleaning a water well is a process of removing bacteria. The two main reasons why your well might need cleaning are bacteria and encrustation. A well that’s in the need of cleaning can be much more expensive to operate. If your well screen is clogged, that can reduce the flow of water which will cause the pump to work harder and less efficiently. That will increase your electrical costs as well as add unnecessary wear to the pump.

There are also two different types of well cleaning – chemical and mechanical. The most effective way to clean your well is a combination of both. Give us a call or fill out the form below and we will help you decide which method is best for your unique situation.

Water Well Pump Services

We install, repair, and maintain almost all types of water well pumps. Get in touch and let us know what you’re trying to do. We will share our knowledge and experience and walk you through your options and help you understand them. We will help you select the right pump for your needs as well as install and maintain it to ensure optimal performance and reliability.

Pump Installations

To put it simply, water pumps are used for the transportation of water when the pressure of typical plumbing is not enough to move water from the well. Are you planning on buying or installing a water well pump system? Our team of experts will assist you in every phase of your well pump installation. We will help you determine the right type of pump that will suit your needs the best.

When we’re determining what type of pump needs to be installed, we will consider the depth of the well, the budget you’re working with and the level of maintenance that will be required. Whatever your needs might be, you can rest assured that we will meet them. Call us or fill out the form below and we will call you to discuss your options and we will set you up with a pump system that will fulfill your needs.

Pump Repairs and Maintenance

Is your water well pump broken and not working properly? Water pumps are just like every other machine that can suffer from wear and tear. That is the reason why it’s important to service them regularly to ensure they continue working efficiently.

Our team will help you pick the right pump that you can rely on for the years to come. If something unexpected happens to your water pump system, we’ll come to your house and take care of it. We’ve been working for years with almost all of the popular pumps out there and we know all the pros and cons for each one of them. Give us a call and we will help you solve the issues you have with your water pump.

Contact Us For a Quote!

Give me a call at (724) 350-2649 or fill out the form and I will call you right back. Feel free to tell me what you’re trying to do. Do you want to drill a new well, install a new well pump system, repair your current well, or maybe you want to install a water filtration system?

Whatever you are trying to do, I am sure we can help.
If you have a problem but you are not sure what’s causing it, I can come to your address and inspect your water system to figure out what the problem is and how it can be solved.

So, feel free to reach out to me, I will ask you a couple of questions to understand what your needs and goals are. Then, we can schedule a time and date to come to your house and take care of it.

Water Storage Tanks

Sometimes, it takes a lot of time to get the water out of the ground and most of the time it doesn’t come out at the time you need it for use. The solution for this is a water storage tank. Water storage tanks are containers that are used to store water for many different purposes such as drinking, sanitation, irrigation, or fire emergencies.

The best way to determine what type of tank you need is to give us a call and tell us about your needs and we will recommend an above-ground or below-ground storage tank.

Water Well Demolition

Most of the water wells are abandoned because they are no longer capable of producing usable water. Well-destruction is a practice of filling out the old well with materials such as neat cement, concrete, or bentonite chips so that it doesn’t become a safety or contamination risk. Oftentimes it’s even against the law to abandon a well and not demolish it.
If you leave the water well exposed that can open the door for surface debris and contaminants to make their way into groundwater and other water wells. You will also receive a lot of fines from municipal governments for leaving the water well improperly abandoned. Unused wells can also be a physical risk to anybody that may be walking in that area. Keep in mind that if somebody trips or falls because of a well, you could end up paying medical bills or even have a lawsuit on your hands.

We will first start with removing any piping, wiring, or pumps away from the well that needs to be destroyed. After this is complete, runoff water has to be diverted away from the well and if the water is contaminated the water will need to be disinfected with bleach. Finally, it’s time to fill out the old well with the filler material and seal it off so it can’t be used again or pose any danger to the water that is still in the ground. Well abandonment can be a serious matter that can have huge consequences if not handled properly. We understand the importance of proper abandonment and we always make sure to implement all procedures necessary.
Do you have an abandoned well? If that’s the case then give us a call and we will walk you through the process of well demolition.

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