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Environmental Rehabilitation

Mining is a temporary land use and even though some mines can be active for a very long time, they are expected to close at some point in the future. Mine closures provide opportunities for lands that have been disturbed by mining to be rehabilitated for one or more purposes.

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How Does Mining Restoration Work?

Mining restoration is a process of rehabilitation of the soils when some parts of the exploration area are abandoned after the extraction of minerals. Restoration is important in most cases where the soil has been removed before beginning mining, especially if it’s been separated and stored for restoration purposes.

The biggest concern when it comes to restoration after mining exploitation is the addition and preparation of the soil to rehabilitate the landscape in order to achieve revegetation.

Water retention and the fertility in the soil profile that’s available for plants are two key factors of successful implementation for land recovery and are quality criteria for soils when it comes to mining restoration.

Mine Rehabilitation Objectives

The top three objectives of mine site rehabilitation are:

  • To ensure long-term stability and sustainability of the site landforms and soils.
  • Repair of the ecosystem to provide habitats for biota and services for people.
  • To prevent pollution of surrounding areas.

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Rehabilitation Process

As it is for all projects, it is crucial to establish targets and goals for rehabilitation in order to start planning and execution. We need to choose what type of plant species are going to be used in rehabilitated areas. This is influenced by rehabilitation goals, completion criteria, and based on what the post-mine land will be used for.
The construction method we will be using to rehabilitate landforms often varies and it’s dictated by excavation methods. Surface roughness is something that we always take into consideration since the roughness tends to trap water and seed.

Topsoil is often the most important factor in successful rehabilitation, particularly where the objective is to restore a native ecosystem. Mulching is used in this phase because of how effective it is in mining soil restoration. It increases soil protection and improves the fertility of the soil.

The objective of rehabilitation management is for the rehabilitated area to be self-sustaining and resilient and to require no more management effort than surrounding undisturbed areas.

Site Monitoring and Maintenance

Rehabilitation performance indicators and completion criteria should be assessed against realistic site-specific rehabilitation goals, accounting for the physical resources and scale of disturbance.

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